Hey, me again, climbing out of one of my worst bouts of procrastination. 🙂 I hope you’re all having a great start to 2020! I’ve been thinking about what my first post of the decade should be about, and it was hard to make a decision. Finally, I landed on sharing my experience with blogging and using it as a personal development tool. This may sound strange, but hear me out! Many of us strive for perfection because of our personalities (guilty). For me, seeing my progress documented has helped me be less hard on myself and refocus when I need to adjust my perspective. 

A Way to Track Short-Term and Long-Term Progress 

Over the last week, I’ve done a lot of reflection. If you follow along on Instagram, you likely saw my post looking back on the last five years in particular. You could say that insta post was the inspiration to go into more detail on

Being a busy person that’s focused on others most of the time makes it difficult to be still. But, that’s really important to avoid becoming anxious or succumbing to negative self-talk.

Having a blog and Instagram that collects a summary of my journey through writing and curated pictures has allowed me to go back in time. Sometimes that can include a span of years or even weeks. Doing so reminds me of how far I’ve come, what I’ve been through, and where I’m headed.

Taking the time to look through photos and reminisce on good and bad experiences is therapeutic. It’s often reassuring that I’m doing better than I thought and allows me to process emotions I tend to repress.  Journaling used to be how I would do this as a kid, and I’m happy it has evolved to managing a blog and an Instagram. This way I can share and connect with others.

A Way to Learn New Things 

Using my blog and Instagram to track my personal growth expands into my professional life, too. My day job is in content marketing and these two passions can intertwine. Looking through past posts, here and on Instagram, have identified major developments in my writing. And nothing makes me happier than that. I have used writing as a creative outlet and source of happiness for as long as I can remember.

Besides seeing progress in my writing, I’ve noticed a trajectory in what I’ve become comfortable sharing. Personally, I tend to swing between extremes in different areas of my life. That includes being open, transparent, and honest with myself. There have been times when I am too open and others when I’m too closed off. Looking back over these changes and seasons has helped me recenter myself and be more self-aware on a regular basis. 

Finally, as a marketer, there is always something new to learn. Whether that’s on Instagram or how to market myself, there’s always a new tactic or strategy to try. This is the most tangible way to measure how Mess in a Dress has evolved and it’s rewarding to see. 

A Way to be Encouraged

As I mentioned earlier, my life is busy and I often prioritize others over myself. It’s something I actively need to work on and correct. Looking back over my own experiences, in my own words, serves as a reminder to do this less. It refreshes my memory and encourages me to take care of myself. Because, as I’ve learned, there’s no way to live a happy and full life when you neglect yourself. 

Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if other women feel and think similarly. If so, I’m really happy you’re here. 

I would love to hear different ways of tracking growth and progress. Please send me an email, insta message, or leave a comment below with your ideas.