rustic vintage bridal shower invitations

Some of you know my wedding is a little less than a year away! If you’re new to Mess in a Dress, our wedding in October 2020. We got a lot accomplished during our first month of engagement and now we’re down to planning the “smaller” details. By the end of November, we will be sending our save the dates, so I’ve been busy doing a lot of research. In this post, I’m sharing one of the best companies I’ve come across while looking for wedding and shower invites. I’ve been looking for something totally custom and in a wide range of colors, so when I learned about Basic Invite, I was pumped. Continue reading for some of my favorite finds. 

Rustic Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations 

When I think of my wedding-style, I always come back to the phrase, “rustic vintage”. So, when I came across Basic Invite’s Rustic Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations, I was in love! 

I had been looking for something hunter green with gold accents. Maybe something with color, reds, and oranges, floral? I know… not very specific. Obviously, this was nearly impossible to find until I came across the Classic Botanical, Blooming Elegance, and the Fancy Affair invitations.

rustic vintage bridal shower invitations
Rustic Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations

Not only are the styles available in-line with what I’m looking for, but Basic Invite sends brides-to-be a custom sample. This way, we know the quality and look before placing an order. 

And, to make it even easier, Basic Invite provides an address collection service for free. So, instead of spending hours myself, I can share my information and they will print on my envelopes for me. 

Beautiful Wedding Invites 

I had been scrolling endlessly to find the perfect wedding invitation to fit my color-scheme and style. (See above unrealistic, not very specific idea.) Luckily, Basic Invite has more than 900 wedding invitation sets. And they make it easier for someone like me to coordinate all the things.

For example, Basic Invite has matching thank you cards and dinner menus! Thank you cards are super important to me, so I can’t wait to send them out after our honeymoon. (More details on that trip soon!) 

rustic vintage bridal shower invitations

Even though this is such a busy time, and life always is (let’s be honest), Basic Invite helps alleviate some of the stress. Both sides of our families are huge, so the Seal & Send Wedding Invitations are going to save the day. 

Wedding Website 

Another perk to using Basic Invite is the option of a free wedding website. Rather than picking from an overused template, you can create a fully customized site. All you have to do is upload info, pictures, and follow prompts to get your desired result. 

rustic vintage bridal shower invitations

This part of planning is a lot of fun and helpful for people like us with family all over the country. Having a wedding website makes staying in contact and communicating important details a breeze. 

It’s worth taking your time to find something you absolutely love and a company you’re proud to support. This is probably the biggest event I’ll plan in my life, so I’m excited to show it off when I choose something beautiful from Basic Invite

If you have any other recommendations for wedding planning and selecting vendors, I’m all ears! I love to learn from this community. And, don’t forget to follow along with the fun on Instagram