One of my biggest fears in re-launching Mess in a Dress was the competition, comparison, and negativity that can come with building your following on Instagram. It’s no secret social media can be a toxic environment for everyone and in different ways. But, I’m actively trying to be a less fear-based person and with that, I remembered why I started in the first place. Continue reading for what I missed about the Instagram game and what I’m trying to focus on this time around.

Positivity Usually Outweighs Negativity 

I know I mentioned a handful of the negatives that come with being immersed in social media. But, there is a lot of positivity to be found if you look for it in the right places. 

I’ve used Instagram to find accounts or people that remind me of the good in the world. There are plenty of people that dedicate their platforms to spread words of encouragement and understanding. You just have to look for them and commit to unfollowing or muting those that make you feel any differently. 

Instagram and social media is also a great place to hear another perspective. Whether that be about life in general or a specific topic, it’s there. I really missed that. It can be easy to fall into your patterns and routines and forget about others opinions. So, this time around, I plan to do a better job of focusing on the positivity!

Friendship is Easy to Find 

As humans, we crave connection. And, I’ve mentioned before that I missed the relationship and community that can form on Instagram and social media. After all, my best friend (and soon-to-be sister in law) and I met on Facebook. So it can’t be all bad, right? 

A simple comment or shared interest can build a connection that evolves into a life-long friendship. I believe, as long as you’re being genuine and using social media (and Instagram) with good intentions, you’ll be rewarded.

Free Education for Beginners 

For the second time, I’m a beginner at blogging and Instagram. But there is so much to learn from those that successfully gained a following. Without knowing it, they lead by example and push people like me to be better. Because of this, I continue to up my photo-editing game, work on my captions, and seek out resources to help me. 

This allows me to tap into my creativity and continue learning. I missed that a lot! When I stopped blogging the first time, I only used Instagram to keep up with my friends. So, I forgot about all there is to learn and apply to my job as a content marketing manager.

In hind-sight, there is so much good to social media when you have the right perspective. I especially love the opportunity to use it as a platform and impact someone else positively.

I’m sure bloggers, influencer, and every-day ladies can relate. And that makes me feel good and even happier you’re here to read what I have to say. Feel free to join me on Insta to come along for the ride and be a part of spreading goodness.